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  • Ross F.

    We worked with Joselin Malkhasian from Lamacchia Realty. She was fantastic in all aspects of the buying process. We described what we were looking for, what our must haves were, and what our top budget was at the onset. From there, Joselin took over and was extremely proactive in finding listings that fit our criteria. This was a breath of fresh air compared to previous experiences with other firms where we would have to find listings and call the agent. Joselin was amazing at finding properties that were within our criteria and there wasn’t a single listing on which we didn’t consider making an offer. Once we found the right place, Joselin was fantastic at keeping us out of the drama of the negotiations and in the end we ended up with the perfect house at the right price. The seller’s agent was a handful and we were thankfully spared from most of that interaction! I would highly recommend Joselin to anyone who is looking for a realtor!